Extend your point-of-sale

beyond the counter.

Tap into online sales and reach more customers — offer flexible ordering options with Lightspeed Ordering, powered by WOWAPPS.

Better ordering experiences on both sides of the counter

Let your visually rich, interactive menu do the upselling for you. Customers can order and pay from their table using QR codes, freeing up your staff to create great customer experiences.

Reach more customers with flexible ordering options

Empower your customers to order how they want, when they want. Pick-up and delivery pre-orders keep revenue streaming in, even after hours or when facing dine-in restrictions.

Integrated with your existing hardware and workflows

Online orders can be actioned directly from your point-of-sale and work with your existing printing and kitchen workflows. No new hardware required, no time needed for training — just connect and go!

Easy setup and intelligent syncing

Get your store set up and ready for online ordering in minutes. Manage your menu in one place: Bopple automatically keeps your online menu in sync with Lightspeed.

Save on fees and keep your data safe

Bopple integrates directly with Lightspeed Kounta POS to extend your service. Enable online ordering without exposing your transactional data or paying additional fees to third party integration services.

Step 1

Create a free WOWAPPS account

Step 2

Enable the Kounta Integration

Step 3

Follow the steps and get started in 20 minutes

Tap into online sales today