Find out why venues are trying WOWAPPS to make their life easier

Online Ordering

Why would you use third parties who take a cut of your business? Become empowered to take orders directly at no extra cost. Never pay for a regular again.

Google Ordering

Harness the power of Google and increase your sales.  With the WOWAPPS/Google integration, your restaurant can easily connect with consumers across all of Google's platforms and capitalise on these searches.

Full Customer Data

Grow your customer database with every order and use that database how and where you want

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DIY or connect to one of our commission-free delivery partners

POS Integration 

Connect to over 12 AU based POS providers. Don't have a POS? We have you covered here as well

Stock Management 

Added control so you never sell what you don't have


Increase sales on slow days with Discounts and Promotions 

Custom Thank You For Ordering Emails

Increase online reviews and feedback with automated thank-you emails

Website & Facebook Ordering

Enable your customers to order from anywhere

Online Reservations

Reach your customers wherever they are.

Reserve With Google

Harness the power of Google and turn search results into customers - Commission-free

Timeline/List Mode

No matter who you are. There is a view option that will fit your business, not ours.

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Custom Availability to Instant Availability 

Accept bookings on your terms.. No matter your size


Reduce the risk of No-Shows by taking boo,ing deposits 

Custom Emails

Send your own emails out to customer, with your own look and feel 

Full Customer Data

Grow your database


Give the option for diners to book upstairs, downstairs, bar etc


Introducing requirements. Get extra data on your diners (Birthdays, allergies, etc)

SMS - Confirmations

Send out custom SMS to your diners to decrease no-shows

Website, Facebook and Insta Links

Enable your customers to order from anywhere

QR - Code Table Ordering

Contactless Qr-Code Table Ordering, on your terms.

Batch Ordering 

Order batching collates orders on the same table number so that they print on the same docket. Venues can adjust this batching time to suit their venue.

Custom QR Codes

Don't get locked into someone else's style or systems. We give you the ability to make QR codes to suit your brand

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SMS Updates

Let customers know the process of their order via SMS

No App Needed

Customers can order without having to use your app

Go beyond the Table

Our Table-Ordering system was built for all types of vendors (Hotels, spa, race course) or even selling to the shopping centre next door. 

Table Specific Menu

Sell different items to what is displayed online

E-Gift Cards

Add another revenue stream to your business

In-Store and Online

Create E-gift Cards for both sides of the counter. 

Limited Number

Only want to sell a limited amount? We got you covered 

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Online Ordering Eligible 

Customers can redeem their cards through your ordering system

Split Purchase

Customers don't have to spend the full amount of their gift card at once

Mobile Apps

Empower your employees with team management tools.

Push Notifications

Send personalised and custom push notifications at the time of your choosing 

Digital Punch Cards

Increase customer loyalty and continue to build your database 

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Auto-Generated PR kit to print and display images to encourage app downloads.

Winback Rewards

Have the system reach out to your DB automatically if customers have not visited you in a while

VIP Sections

Assign different sets of permissions to different customers

Favourite Orders

Make Online Ordering easy by offering favourite orders via your app

Pricing plans

No hidden fees. No Commissions and cancel your plan at any time.


Everything you need to handle day-to-day service.


Unlimited Google Ordering.

Unlimited Google Reservations.


  • Email Support


Everything You Need To Take Your Restaurant Online


Per month per location.

30-day free trial.

Includes Free plan and:

  • Online Reservations (Website, Google and Socials)
  • Online Ordering (Website, Google and Socials)
  • Table Ordering
  • POS Integrations (Subject To Availability) 
  • Advanced reporting
  • Own Mobile App
  • Custom Emails


Special for all Massachusetts venues.  


Eligibility applies*

Only Valid for the first 1000 accounts

Includes Plus plan


How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Simply head over to the WOWAPPS registration page and fill in the form.


Yes! For a limited time only we are offering our first 1,000 Boston, MA hospitality partner locations a free forever WOWAPPS account. That's free access to Google Reservations, Google Orders, and the WOWAPPS customer marketing toolset, which includes customer email marketing and QR code table ordering! As long as we're here in the USA our first 1,000 partner locations will never pay a dime. 


Believe it or not, there are actually ways to generate reservations and orders for your business without making you pay us a share of every single meal or drink you serve. We believe that your customers really are your customers, so there are no hidden fees waiting for you! Our first 1,000 Boston, MA hospitality partner locations will be given a free forever WOWAPPS account, then any new WOWAPPS customers will pay an annual fee for their WOWAPPS connection to Google Ordering and Reservations. 


Yes! We'd love to help you get setup to get the most out of your account. Email support@wowapps.net to connect with our team.


By connecting WOWAPPS to your hospitality business you will unlock the power of commission-free Google reservations and ordering! That means more customers can discover and order from you on Google. Whether they are searching for food near them, using Google Maps, or searching for your business specifically you will be able to connect with them like never before - turning interest into orders. That's not all that WOWAPPS will do for you... You will be able to use our QR code table ordering system as well as retain all customer data for future marketing efforts! QR code table ordering allows customers to conveniently order from where they are seated; freeing up your staff to spend more time in other parts of the business that need them. What's more - once customers have ordered or reserved with you, you will be able to market directly to them so they can return dine or drink again. Pretty cool, right?