A Beautiful, Digital, 

Dine-in Experience.

Increase revenue and save on operational costs, with QR code table ordering. Allow your staff to focus on the more meaningful interactions.

More revenue, with less overheads

Venues that enable dine-in and use QR code table-ordering, see an increase of up to 30% in order size, and a saving of up to 25% on operational costs.

Better Ordering Experiences On Both Sides OF The Counter

Let your visually rich, interactive menu do the upselling for you. Customers can order and pay from their table using QR codes, freeing up your staff to create great customer experiences.

A secure and streamlined checkout

Offer time based discounts and promotions, all while having the the extra security of Apple and Google Pay.

A branded dining experience

Provide a fully branded customer experience with QR codes and pucks that you can create to fit your style and brand...Not someone else's


How do I get started? 

Getting started is easy. Simply head over to the WOWAPPS registration page and fill in the form.

Are there really 1,000 free venue listings available?

Yes! For a limited time only we are offering our first 1,000 Boston, MA hospitality partner locations a free forever WOWAPPS account. That's free access to Google Reservations, Google Orders, and the WOWAPPS customer marketing toolset, which includes customer email marketing and QR code table ordering! As long as we're here in the USA our first 1,000 partner locations will never pay a dime. 

If there are no commissions, surely there are hidden fees?

Believe it or not, there are actually ways to generate reservations and orders for your business without making you pay us a share of every single meal or drink you serve. We believe that your customers really are your customers, so there are no hidden fees waiting for you! Our first 1,000 Boston, MA hospitality partner locations will be given a free forever WOWAPPS account, then any new WOWAPPS customers will pay an annual fee for their WOWAPPS connection to Google Ordering and Reservations. 

Can someone help me with the set up process?

Yes! We'd love to help you get setup to get the most out of your account. Email support@wowapps.net to connect with our team.

How can this help my venue?

By connecting WOWAPPS to your hospitality business you will unlock the power of commission-free Google reservations and ordering! That means more customers can discover and order from you on Google. Whether they are searching for food near them, using Google Maps, or searching for your business specifically you will be able to connect with them like never before - turning interest into orders. That's not all that WOWAPPS will do for you... You will be able to use our QR code table ordering system as well as retain all customer data for future marketing efforts! QR code table ordering allows customers to conveniently order from where they are seated; freeing up your staff to spend more time in other parts of the business that need them. What's more - once customers have ordered or reserved with you, you will be able to market directly to them so they can return dine or drink again. Pretty cool, right? 

My venue doesn’t offer reservations. What other features does this include?

Even if you don't offer reservations at your location - that's ok! WOWAPPS will let you start taking more orders from customers via Google, enable customers to order directly from their tables using a QR code, and you get to keep all of your customer data so you can mark it to them again in the future. If commission-free counts as a feature, we've got that too!

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Claim your Free Forever Account with WOWAPPS

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Select your first Google feature

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Claim your spot amongst the first 1,000 hospitality venues in Boston, MA to use the WOWAPPS system to get Google Reservations and Orders FREE FOREVER. Places are limited!